Beep Baseball Minnesota

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A Comparison Of Two Ball Games 

Beepball and Baseball: IF somebody played baseball as a sighted person, he or she may be more inspired to play beepball because of blindness.  Beepball and baseball are more similar then different as both styles of sport are enjoyable in their own right.  

  • Beepball players up to bat swing at sixteen inch size beeping balls that are tossed underhanded. The pitcher stands 20 feet from the batter. Pitchers try

    to match each pitch to the swing and timing of the batter. Not so in traditional baseball as the pitcher, who stands 60 feet, 4 inches away from the batter,

    tries hard to throw a fast ball or curve balls with the hope the batter will miss each one. The objective is to strike out the opponent. 

  • Six players take their places in the in-field and out-field positions, not nine.
  • Beepball players listen for a ball that beeps unlike the sighted oriented model of the eye to ball connection in the better known form of baseball.
  • Beepball players are honest, nobody attempts to steal first, second or third base.
  • It’s a run, not a home run. A run is made to a soft foam chest high pillar-shaped beeping base 100 feet from where the batters stand, not the flat one or

    to or three bases and home plate. 

  • Elbow pads and knee pads blend in with the assorted colors of outfits. All of these cushions to the body make sense when the defensive teams take to the


  • Beepball players become -enthusiastic sideway divers who hurl themselves horizontally to catch balls bare-handed and prevent the opposition team from scoring.

    In baseball, a person maneuvers oneself under a fast moving high flying hard ball. And the ball is caught by an outstretched arm of a player who races

    to where the ball is seen only to hold the hand palm upwards for the ball to land in the catcher’s mitt. 

  • The purpose of beepball defense is for players to use their entire body to stop a ball. To stop a run, the defensive player grabs the beeping ball with either one or both hands, and holds the ball high enough for spotters to see so the opponent will not get the points for the run. In baseball, a high fly

    ball catch is an automatic out. To field a position, players placed in arranged strategic positions will throw the ball to the player in direct line of

    the opponent; and if the ball is caught before the runner makes the safety of the base, the first or second or third base person will touch the caught

    ball to the body of the opponent. 

  • A beepball batter who hits the ball off of a pitch and makes the run gets a two point score for his or her team. If the batter hits the ball off of the

    Cone and makes the run, it’s a one point score. In baseball, each run is worth one point.