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2013 World Series

Millers Take 14th


Twenty teams competed this year in the Beep Baseball World Series  held in Columbus, Georgia. Our Minnesota Millers boarded a bus promptly at noon on Saturday, July 27, 2013 on their way to the annual competition. On the way, they picked up the Iowa Reapers, sharing stories and expenses.

The World series has two parts. The first part of the series is a round robin. The teams are divided into five brackets with four teams each. All the teams play the other teams in the bracket on the first day (Tuesday) The win loss records are compiled for the second part of the series.

The second part of the World Series consists of a standard double elimination tournament, with the strongest teams first playing the weakest teams in the hopes that the final championship round will be the two strongest teams in the world.  This tournament took place Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with the championship game or games (remember, it's a double elimination tournament) on Saturday.


Minnesota Millers

The Minnesota team started out with a mixed first day. They began by beating the Iowa Reapers 13 to 3. but then went on to lose to both the Carolina Warriors 12 to 2 and then the Colorado Storm 11 to to 4. They will start out Wednesday playing Wichita (0-3) at 9 am (Eastern Time) This is a "must win" game, and if they do prevail, they will play undefeated Austin (the 2012 World Series Runner Up)  in the 11:30 am game.

While Minnesota will certainly have its hands full should they play Austin in the second game, it should be noted that they played Austin in the first game last year and only lost 12 to 6.  

Fast Starters

Five teams went undefeated in the first day of play: Taiwan Homerun (2012 World Champions), Austin Blackhawks (2012 Runners up), Bayou City Heat, Chicago Comets, and the Colorado Storm.  


                           Wednesday, the Double Elimination Began

 Our Minnesota team got up early on Wednesday and won a close one beating Wichita 6-4. But then, of course, they had to play the hot Austin Blackhawks. Taking firm control, Austin defeated the Millers 14-3 in the 11:30 time slot. But this is a double elimination tournament, so they were still in the running.


At 2:30 am they repeated their winning streak over Iowa as they beat their friends and neighbors 7-2, to end the day with only one tournament loss.

                                     Thursday: Do or Die

Bright and early Thursday, they played RHI X-Treme in a must win game for both teams. RHI lost their first game to Carolina on Wednesday, so both teams needed a win to stay in contention. Minnesota lost 14-4 sending RHI off to the races while the Millers went to the losers round.

 Minnesota won it's first game in the new category by beating Athens 6-1. RHI went on to beat Boston and Colorado to stay alive.


In the end, it was Taiwan and Austin in the final game. And again, Taiwan was victorious, winning its second World Series in a row.




Austin Blackhawks

Wayne Sibsonand Mariano Reynoso
Austin, Texas
Austin Blackhawks

Web site for the Austin Blackhawks
(Houston)Bayou City Heat
Michael Garrett and Shelley Rodriquez
Houston, Texas
Bayou City Heat, Houston
Boston Renegades
John Oliveira and Rob weissman
Boston Massachusetts
Boston Renegades
Web site for the Boston Renegades
Chicago Comets
John T. Herzog and David Smolka
Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Comets
Web site for the Chicago Comets
Cleveland ScrappersWilbert Turner and Jeff Dell
Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Scrappers
Colorado Storm
Jon Walker and Demetris Morrow
Denver and Littleton, Colorado
Colorado Storm
Indianapolis Thunder
Darnell Booker
Indianapolis, Indiana
Indy Thunder
Iowa Reapers
Mike Boone and Frank Guerra
Ames/Des Moines, Iowa
Iowa Reapers
Iowa Reapers on the web
Long Island BombersTed Fass and Jim Hughes
Rockville Centre and Farmingdale, New York
Long Island Bombers
The Long Island Bombers website
Lone Star RoadrunnersSam Mckenzie
Dallas, Texas
Lone Star Roadrunners
Minnesota MillersDoug Van Dyne and Stephen Guerra
St. Paul/Minneapolis and Rochester, Minnesota
Minnesota Millers
Follow the Minnesota Millers on Twitter
New Jersey LightningOmni Romero and Bob Ciecierski
Homdel and Keyport, New Jersey
New Jersey Lightning
RHI X-TremeAdam Rodenbeck and James Michaels
Indianapolis, Indiana
RHI X-Treme
Southwest SlammersDaniel Greene and Dan Greene
Tucson Arizona
Southwest Slammers
Taiwan Homerun
James Gong
Taipei, Taiwan
Taiwan Homerun
Tyler Tigers
Larry and Rosie Reed
Tyler, Texas
Tyler Tigers
Wichita Sonics
Kevin burtonand Debra Brummer
Wichita Sonics



2012 World Series is Over!  


View or download an official copy of the 2012 World Series program (Click here) which include team rosters, daily schedule and more World Series information.

If you need a ride, please let me know.


Millers Take 10th Place!!!

Congratulations to the Minnesota Millers for their 10th Place showing (out of 17) at the 2012 Beep Baseball World Series! Although their record (2-5) is the same as last year, they beat better teams this time. Last year they (called the Minnesota Fighting Lions) ended up in 14th place (out of 17). And in 2010, they finished 14 out of 15 teams.

Great credit has to be given to the team for their "never-give-up" attitude. Although they didn't know it at the time, they started out in the best bracket. Bracket B teams averaged 5th place. The next closest was Bracket  A (with Taiwan) averaging 8th place. The two other teams in Bracket B finished in 2nd and 4th place.

The final series was broadcast live starting at 11 am. Click here to listen to replay.  The game was between Taiwan Homerun and Austin Blackhawks  (Austin beat the Millers 12-6 in the Round Robin Series). Austin had gone undefeated in this double elimination tournament. They needed to beat Taiwan Homerun one out of the two final games to be champions. They had already beaten Taiwan 19-10 earlier on Friday.
The games were played in rain and mud (and thunder). After the Friday loss, the Taiwan players got together and changed their defensive formations on the field. It worked. They led throughout the first game until Austin tied it in the the top of the 6th at 23 all. Taiwan got the winning run in the bottom of the 6th to force a second game.
The second game was delayed for 2 1/2 hours because of the badly needed rain. But this game became a defensive duel. Austin finally lost 9-4 and somehow seemed to blame the weather for their loss. Millers' player, Steve Guerra was the radio color man, and did a fantastic job.  
The 2013 World Series will be held in Columbus, Georgia next year.(Be sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to listen to the replay of the championship game. It's free. Just go to and pick out your operating system).
World Series 2012 
Championship Game 
Game 2
Taiwan 9 Austin 4
Taiwan Wins!!!

First Game 
Game 1 Over
Taiwan 24 Austin 23

Taiwan gets a walk-off run to win the first game. T

The Minnesota Millers started the 2012 World Series playing three tough, talented teams and losing to all three.(Clickhere)


Austin 12  -  Minnesota 6 (Austin will finish 1st or 2nd) 

Chicago 12  -  Minnesota 4 (Chicago finnished 4th)


Colorado 21  -  Minnesota 1 (1st loss)(Colorado finished 5th)

Minnesota 11  -  Wichita 6 (Wichita finished 15th)

Chicago 15  -  Minnesota 5 (2nd loss)

Minnesota 6  -  Long Island 5 (Long Island finished 12th)

Boston 18  -  Minnesota 8 (for 10th place) (Boston, 9th place)

But then, the Millers came alive and won the second round of the double elimination tournament with a 11-6 victory over the Wichita Slammers.

Minnesota met Chicago again, and lost 15 to 5. But, they didn't give up and defeated Long Island 6-5 to keep their placement alive. Their last game was with Boston, who racked up 18 runs to Minnesota's 8. But, their 2-5 record still earned them a 10th place position. 

Ben Goodrich 26124180.462
Evan Van Duyne 27165240.593
Stephen Guerra 214940.190
Matt McCoy 1931140.158
Pat Lemke 244960.167
Bob Moore 2221450.091
Deanna Callender 60300.000
Chris Peterson 60410.000
Gary Boettcher 60610.000
Jim Mastro 40100.000
Dan Eliason 1534161 0.3987
Tee Harris 805 0.6250
0 000 #DIV/0!
GRAND TOTALS01614166630.255
Sportsmanship   0 0.568421053


World Series 2011

 (Indianapolis, IN) Congratulations to the Minnesota Fighting Lions for their outstanding showing in the 2011 World Series of Beep Baseball. The Lions doubled their number of wins from last year, and proved that hard work and teamplay could make a difference. 

 Except for the Taiwan Homerun matchup, the Lions were never out of the game. It should be noted that Taiwan was the runner-up champion both this year and last year.  

The Lions finished off the World Series with two wins and five losses. They finished in 14th place (out of 17 teams), and have plenty to be proud of! Last year they were 14th out of 15 teams.

Ben Goodrich and Matt McCoy led the team in runs with six each. They both ended with a .240 batting average. Evan Van Duyne led the team in put-outs with 24, and Ben was close behind with 21, and Steve Guerra with 11.

The Lions had a chance in the last game to finish higher, but they couldn't quite connect. They Lost to New Jersey 5-1, a team they had beaten earlier 4-1. In the win, Matt scored two runs and Ben and Steve both had one. But in the loss, New Jersey figured out the hitting and only Ben was able to score. 

 The weather for the tournament was hot and muggy, but the seven players never gave up to either fatigue or injury. New friendships were made and old ones reinforced All-in-all, the team reported having a great time.  

Kathy Quinn was inducted into the Hall of Fame (again). But this time, she had her team to cheer her on; The NBBA website does not list all the Hall of Fame members, but we will hopefully post them soon. 


West Coast Dawgs Win it All (again)

The West Coast Dawgs, an "all star" team from across the country defeated Taiwan Homerun for their 4th World Series Championship in a row. Scoring 5 runs at the bottom of the 6th (last) inning, the Dawgs came from behind to beat Taiwan 11-10. Had taiwan won, they still would have had to win a second game with the Dawgs to win the series. The Dawgs have only lost one game in the past two World Series.

Although the four championship wins by the Dawgs is impressive, there have been many famous runs in World Series play. Starting back in 1976, Minnesota teams took four trophies away. The Saint Paul Gorillas won in 1976 and the Minneapolis BSF won the next three. Next, the Albuquerque Tru-Sight won six championships in a row (1984-9) But from 1992-8 the Austin Blackhawks took seven championships home. But in 1999 the West Coast Dawgs started their rise and won the next three Series (1999-2001). The middle of that decade saw the rise of a new, and popular, dynasty, the Taiwan Homrun winning three championships (2004-6)  .  


Indianapolis Star Covers the Game (Click Here)

 Click here for everything you ever wanted to know about the 2011 World Series.

Click here for the most updated site with all the scores of the 2011 World Series.  


 Game 1 Score W/L
 Minnesota Fighting Lions (0-1) 5 L
 Carolina Warriors(1-0) 7 W
Game 2  
 Taiwan Homerun (1-0) 10 W
 Minnesota Fighting Lions (0-2) 1 L
Championship Round  
 Chicago Comets (3-1) 7 W
 Minnesota Fighting Lions (0-3) 3 L
 Championship Round Game 2   
 Cleveland Scrappers (2-2) 4 W
 Minnesota Fighting Lions (0-4) 3 L
 Consolation Round Game 1  
 Minnesota Fighting Lions (1-4) 4 W
 New Jersey Lightning (2-3) 1 L
 Consolation Round Game 2  
 Minnesota Fighting Lions (2-4) 1 W
 Wichita Sonics (1-4) 0 L
Consolation Round Game 3   
 Minnesota Fighting Lions (2-5) 1 L
 New Jersey Lighting (3-4) 5 W
 Name AB R K PO Bat Avg
 Steve Guerra 27 4 7 11 .148
 Jim Mastro 18 0 6 0 .000
 Gary Boettcher 3 0 2 1 .000
 Ben Goodrich 25 6 12 21 .240
 Matt McCoy 25 6 6 3 .240
 Evan Van Duyne 23 2 13 24 .087
 Bob Moore 20 0 11 0 .ooo

2011 World Series of Beep Baseball: 

  Final Standings 

1. West Coast Dawgs (7-0)
2. Taiwan Homerun (6-2)
3. Chicago Comets (5-3)
4. Bayou City Heat -Houston (7-0)
5.  RHI X-Treme (6-2)
6. Colorado Storm ()
7. Boston Renegades(5-2)
8. Austin Blackhawks (3-3)
9. Southwest Slammers ()
10. Carolina Warriors ()
11. Cleveland Scrappers ()
12. Indy Thunder ()
13.  New Jersey Lightning (2-4) 
Minnesota Fighting Lions  (2-5)

15.Wichita Sonics ()

16. Stockton Stingrays () 

17. Tyler Tigers ()

 Lonestar Roadrunners ()

2010 World Series of Beep Baseball:

Final Standings
1. West Coast Dawgs (7-1)
2. Taiwan Homerun (8-2)
3. Kansas All-Stars (5-2)
4. Austin Blackhawks (5-2)
5. Bayou City Heat (7-2)
6. Indy Thunder (5-4)
7. Chicago Comets (5-3)
8. Carolina Pride (2-6)
9. Boston Renegades (3-4)
10. Colorado Storm (3-4)
11. Lonestar Roadrunners (3-5)
12. Tyler Tigers (1-6)
13. Southwest Slammers (3-4)
14. Minnesota Fighting Lions (1-6)
15. Wichita Sonics (0-7)



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May 29th (Omaha, Nebraska) The competitive team won 2 of 3 games against the Wichita Sonics. According to coach Doug Van Duyne, the overall experience for the club was very good. He described the new pitching team of Dan and Kathy as "a great pair. "All batters agree they enable them to "Hit" the ball better. "  The entire team hit the ball and hit it hard. They scored 6-9  runs per game and played all 3 games in a dome with artificial turf.  According to Kevin Burton, this was the first "official" game indoors. The acoustics made it challenging. Both teams had some difficulty in locating the bases (between 1st & 3rd) as well as the actual ball because the sound bounced all over the place, according to Van Duyne. The fast play of the turf also presented some challenges as all hits came into the field fast. While they presented some challenges, both teams responded to this, as in real life, and made adaptations.

Hi, beepballers:
Nice practice on Saturday, May 28rh. Good turnout for a holiday weekend!

Special cudoos to  Nick-Knack for her solid hit and run to start off the game with a score! And to Tom for his new, increased speed. And to Gary for also picking up his speed. Jerry was looking real good in the field, getting some hard ones. John was great at improving his running to base. Zach did a great job of both fielding and hitting. Jet, always good calling lines. Jeff, learning a new coaching position. Suzanne, shy but really pitched in when the buzzer stopped. Kent: pitching par-excellence! And finally, Linda from North Dakota, for being such a good sport. 

Nice Work for the Competitive Team on

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 10-12th

In Chicago

Click Here For More Results 




Chicago Comets
 Minnesota Fighting Lions (L) 2
Austin Blackhawks (Top ranked) 5
 Minnesota Fighting Lions (L) 2
 RHI X-Treme 6 (OT)
 Minnesota Fighting Lions (L) 5
 Cleveland 3 (OT)
 Minnesota Fighting Lions (L) 11th Inning Overtime 2

 Saturday, June 11, 2011 The Minnesota Fighting Lions started the day by playing one of the hottest teams in Beep Baseball this season, the Chicago Comets. Last week the Comets won the Indy Tournament by going undefeated. "We played very well" remarked Lion coach Zachariah Hahnen via telephone. "RHI X-Treme is a new team, so we have no idea how good they will be," he went on to say. "We really picked up some confidence against Austin, so anything is possible."

The Lions lost a heartbreaker, in overtime, to the RHI X-Treme. "They were really good", Zach went on to say, "but we put up our best game so far and almost did it." Bollingbrook will feed all the teams in grand fashion, as the first day comes to a close.  


The Minnesota Fighting Lions won their first game 6-5 and lost the second 6-7 and won the final game on Sunday 9-7. 



The Tenth Annual Bollingbrook Beepball Bash

Dates: June 10, 11, and 12, 2011

Our team will leave Saint Paul at 12 Noon on Friday to hopefully arrive in time for the Tournament Pizza Party where all the teams get to know each other before the competition begins. Stay tuned!

Tournament Brackets

Brackets were drawn on a random basis.

Bracket A:

  • 1 RHI X-Treme
  • 2 Minnesota Fighting Lions
  • 3 Chicago Comets
  • 4 Austin Blackhawks

Bracket B:

  • 1 Cleveland Scrappers
  • 2 Wichita Sonics
  • 3 Indy Thunder
  • 4 Colorado Storm

The way the teams are listed in each of the brackets are their numerical value and how the games on Saturday are determined.

Game times are at 8:30, 11:00 and 2:30 PM on Saturday and 8:00 AM on Sunday for placement. The Austin Blackhawks are the favorite to win the title, with the highest ranking from the 2011 World Series, but  the Minnesota Fighting Lions come into the tournament as underdogs, with great heart  and new blood. This is always a fun tournament to watch.

Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites

Hampton Inn & Suites
165 Remington Blvd
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Phone (630) 759-7100
Fax (630) 771-1300
Hampton Inn & Suites Bolingbrook

Click here for a PDF of Double Elimination Brackets.


Click Here to See Series Photos!

Click here to see the Ames Iowa Tribune article on the tournament.

Ames and Iowa State University was host to 16 beep baseball teams from across the United States and one team from Taiwan during the 2012 National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA) World Series, July 22-28, 2012.

Teams competed in round-robin pairings on Tuesday, July 24, with double-elimination tournaments beginning on Wednesday, July 25. The public was invited to attend all the World Series games at the Southeast Recreation Field Complex, across from Jack Trice Stadium. Admission was free. The host committee assigned at least one volunteer to each team to be sure every team has someone cheering for them. Find a complete schedule of game times and other events

“Playing beep baseball means different things to different people,” said Dan Greene, NBBA President. “For some, it’s about the awards and recognition, for others, it’s about the competition. For some, it’s proof they can do what once seemed impossible. In the end, for all of us, it will always be for the love of the game.”

Beep baseball is an adaptive version of baseball that was developed for blind and visually impaired athletes. The game is modified with specialized baseballs that emit a rapid beeping sound so the players can hear them. Blindfolded players must rely on the sound to field the ball, while batters run to large padded bases that send out a unique buzzing noise. The batter’s goal is to reach the base before an outfielder retrieves the ball. If the batter is successful, the offensive team scores a run. If not, the batter is considered out. The game is played with three outs per inning for six innings.

The National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA) was officially formed in 1975. The NBBA World Series is the highlight of the beep baseball season and has been played annually since 1976. The 2012 World Series was the first time this premier event had been hosted in Iowa. 


Click here to see how Austin TX covers their team... 

 Minnesota Millers Team:

Number Name Position
1 Deanna Callender Player
3 Stephen Guerra Player
7 James Mastro Player
8 Kathy Quinn Catcher/Field Spotter
9 Ryan Quast Player
11 Evan Van Duyne Player
14 Robert Moore Player
15 Ben Goodrich Player/Field Spotter
19 Dan Eliason Pitcher
25 Doug Van Duyne Head Coach/Field Spotter
32 Matt McCoy Player/Field Spotter
33 Gary Boettcher Player
42 Chris Peterson Player

Tee Harris Field Spotter 



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