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2017 Season


Get ready for a new season of fun, exercise and getting better! 

Charles Osgood, and CBS did a nice job of covering Beepball. If you look closely, you can see our team on the sidelines watching. (Gummy Bear, Kathy, Evan, Riley and Bobby -in his famous wrong color uniform- can all be seen clearly toward the end of the segment.)




2016 Season

Including the Minnesota Millers 

Congratulation Minnesota Millers!!

7th in the World!

2015 World Series

(In Rochester, Minnesota this year)

Rochester, MN  (Tuesday, Aug 5) There are 19 teams in this year's running of the Beep Baseball World Series. Like the World Cup, play is divided into two sections, Round Robin pairings and double elimination bracketed play.

There are four teams in each Round Robin pairing. Minnesota played three other teams on Tuesday. Minnesota went 1-2 and this got them into the Sweet Sixteen. The odds-on favorite to win the whole Series is Austin (since the Taiwan Humerun did not make the trip this year}. Minnesota's first opponent, Boston, is the last American team to defeat Austin ion a number of years. The Millers played extremely well, despite the score. Next, they played the powerhouse RHI X-treme. The X-treme came in second place. In a stroke of coaching genius, Van Duyne played many of the reserves, both to get them experience and also to give the starters a rest before the all important Wichita game. The strategy worked. The reserves started out making many mistakes, but by the end of the game they were up to speed. The Millers took control of the last game with Wichita an pulled off a victory, which put them in the top bracket.

 Minnesota (L) 1 Boston 8
 Minnesota (L) 3 RHI X-treme 18
 Minnesota (W) 4 Wichita 2

 Rochester, MN  (Wednesday, Aug 6) Minnesota started off the day by playing the undefeated Chicago Comets, and lost 11-1. This dropped them out of the Top Eight and placed them in the Loser's Bracket. Undeterred, they went on to narrowly beat friends and neighbors Iowa Reapers 5-4. This kept them in tournament and meant they could statistically still win the World Series title (by winning the next eight games in a row… something no team has ever done before.)

 Minnesota (L) 1 Chicago Comets 11
 Minnesota (W) 5 Iowa Reapers  4

Rochester, MN  (Thursday, Aug 7) A big day for Minnesota. The first game found Minnesota facing a good Atlanta team. With great fielding and spot-on batting they darkened the Atlanta Eclipse 7-1. But then they had to play the tough Tyler, Texas Tigers. A loss would mean the highest they could get would be 9th place, or lowest 12th. But they won 7-4! The third game was with Colorado. It was 3-3 in the 5th inning, but Colorado pulled ahead and won 6-4. A win could have guaranteed 5th or 6th place. But, the Millers will play Friday at 9 AM against Carolina for 7th place! (The highest any Minnesota team has placed in the modern era is 14th, which occurred last year.) 


 Minnesota (W) 7 Atlanta Eclipse 1
 Minnesota (W) 7 Tyler Tiger 4
 Minnesota (L) 4 Colorado Storm 6

 Rochester, MN  (Friday, Aug 8) Minnesota started the game ON FIRE. Run after run and outstanding fielding put the Millers up 9-2 which they held until the 6th inning. Carolina was stunned, but not defeated. In the bottom of the 6th they fought back with fury. 9-3, 9-4, 9-5, 9-6, 9-7 all scored with NO outs! But the outfield ump protested the 9-7 run and ruled that Riley Schmitz picked up the ball in time for the out, but the head up couldn't see it! The score was moved back to 9-6. The psychological effect of that first out was huge. Then a hard hit grounder to right field was picked up by Jamison Christopher getting the second out! This was an even bigger psychological lift! Finally, a grounder got within 10 miles of future Hall-of-Famer Evan Van Duyne and the game was over! Minnesota 9, Carolina 6. (See video below.)

 Minnesota (W) 9 Carolina Warriors 6


Click Here to see the final out of the series! 

The 2014 Minnesota Millers World Series team after the victory over the Iowa Reapers.

Most of the team stayed for the semi final game between seven time World Series winner Austin Blackhawks and Minnesota competitor RHI X-treme. Austin, a true powerhouse easily defeated Indianapolis 19-9.  Austin will play RHI again tomorrow for the World Series title. RHI defeated Colorado 8-6 for the right to go on. For RHI to win the Series, it would have to defeat Austin twice. The game started at 11 AM and you can watch the final game  HERE.  

See a Slice of the Game Here

2014 Beep Baseball World Series - Minnesota Millers from Richard Hahnen on Vimeo.


Congratulations to ALL the players:

Pat Lemke #5,  Player

Kathy Quinn #8, Field Spotter

Riley Schmitz #9, Player

Evan Van Duyne #11, Player

Bob Moore #14, Player

Ben Goodrich #15, Player

Dan Eliason #19, Pitcher

Kelly Peterson #22, Catcher

Stephen Guerra #24, Player

Doug Van Duyne #25, Head Coach

Matt McCoy #32, Player

Gary Boettcher #33, Player

Chris Peterson #42, Player 


▪   Final Standings

                    1) Austin Blackhawks (7-0)

                    2) RHI X-Treme (7-2)

                    3) Colorado Storm (8-2)

                    4) Bayou City Heat (5-3)

                    5) Chicago Comets (6-2)

                    6) Boston Renegades (5-4)

                  7) Minnesota Millers (5-4)

                    8) Carolina Warriors (5-3)

                    9) Southwest Slammers (5-3) 

                    10) Indy Thunder (3-4)

                    11) Long Island Bombers (4-4)

                    12) Tyler Tigers (1-6)

                    13) Wichita Sonics (4-5)

                    14) New Jersey Lightning (3-5)

                    15) Atlanta Eclipse (2-5)

                    16) Lonestar Roadrunners (1-7)

                    17) Columbus Midnight Stars (3-5)

                    18) Iowa Reapers (2-5)

                    19) Athens Timberwolves (0-7)


The Essential Guide to Understanding and Coping with Vision Loss

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NO practice Saturday, July 5th  

2014 Team


2013 Team



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2013 Board Meeting 

The Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, October 27th at O'Garas. President's Awards were given to Dennis Stern and Kent Evens. 




Recreational Beepball

Congratulations to Marilyn (and Kent)

Marilyn scored a record setting (for this year) 5 points against a tough two-three defense. "When I heard Tom say 'by me' I knew I had it," Marilyn beamed as she scored a two pointer to clinch the win. With the excellent pitching of Kent, all players were hitting the ball. John started the game off with a solid four points, and then Tom came along and tied him. Normally, this would have clinched a win. But Marilyn brought it close to perfect. Six points was the maximum obtainable. Of course, it must be noted that she had an advantage. She was not in the field to scoop up the outs!


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Saint Paul Almanac  

All at Cretin High School unless noted:



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Beep Ball Hits the Big Time!!

The nations second largest circulation newspaper highlighted the Beep Ball World Series on the front page on 18 August. Click here to read the article 


Photo by Rich Hahnen 

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 What is "Beepball," anyway?


Beep Baseball (or Beepball) is the adaptive version of America's favorite pastime for the blind and visually impaired. The game is fun, action filled, and a great sport for players and spectators alike.

Beepball is alive and well in Minnesota.  In the Twin Cities, a core group of players and volunteers meet most Saturdays during the spring and summer months to play, get exercise and have fun.  Sponsored by the Midway Lions Club, the team also helps support other charitable organizations.

Each year, the Saint Paul Saints Baseball Team invites the team to play an exhibition game immediately preceding the Saints game. This year, the game was held on Thursday, May 7, 2009. The "All Stars" of the Midway Lions Club played a team made up of local non-visually impaired impaired celebrities. This year, the All Stars won easily 8-1.

Want to know more about Beep Baseball? Click HERE for a great introduction done by ESPN, and narrated by Bob Ley


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 Want to get involved?  Either as a player or spotter or coach? There is a place for you!  Give coach Dennis Stern a call at 651.452.5324.  Then, you too can join the fun! 

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 In Memory

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"Super Chink" 600 QM (AER&D)

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